Icebreaker Sierra Vest -

Icebreaker Sierra Vest

By September 25, 2012September 27th, 2017Clothing, Featured, Men's Clothing

Icebreaker Real Fleece 260 Sierra VestTHE VERSATILITY OF THE VEST

– The Autumnal Equinox has come and gone – Fall is officially here! It’s time to think about layering again. With cool mornings and warm sunny afternoons you need something you can throw on and use all day. The Icebreaker Real Fleece Sierra Vest is my go-to layering piece for riding my bike to work in the mornings and staying comfortable all day long.

The Icebreaker Sierra Vest works well for hiking also. Gain a little altitude around here, throw in a few clouds, drop the  temperature by 10 or 15 degrees and suddenly you need something that will take the edge off without causing you to over heat. The vest is the perfect piece. If it starts to rain or snow I add a shell and I’m set. the weather doesn’t have to chase you down out of the mountains – I can head down when I’m ready because I’m comfortable.

I also use this vest as an added layer deep into winter when the wind is really rippin” and keeping your core warm is essential. Layer up as needed but keep Icebreaker Sierra Vest in mind as a way to layer up without added bulk or restricting your arm movements. The vest is the perfect way to add warmth without feeling like a “Charlie Brown” who can’t even move!

Icebreaker is based out of New Zealand and they pioneered wool’s resurgence in today’s outdoor industry. This natural merino’s fleece is built for extremes – breathable in summer, insulating in winter, yet exceptionally soft and lightweight.

Ski Haus has stocked Icebreaker since their beginning in 1994. Icebreaker’s base layers, midlayers, sweaters, and accessories have become staff favorites.

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