HOKA Stinson ATR 5: A Ski Haus Running Shoe Review

HOKA Stinson ATR 5: A Ski Haus Running Shoe Review

HOKA Stinson ATR 5

It’s hard finding the right running shoe.  If you spend a lot of time road or trail running, the condition and comfort of your feet are extremely important.  A common issue that I hear from a lot of our customers is not being able to find a durable running shoe that allows the toes a bit of freedom.  As well as enough cushioned support to help lower the impact.  Well, lately I’ve been testing the HOKA Stinson ATR 5 and I believe this is a shoe that ticks all the boxes.

HOKA Stinson ATR 5 Specs.


The HOKA Stinson ATR 5 is a bulkier style shoe.  It provides comfort and support that’s needed for any distance on the road or the trail.  This shoe has a refined toe box, as well as a cradling support system in the upper portion making the foot nice and secure. It’s a versatile all-terrain shoe that provides cushion and durability, which means you can go further for longer.  The soles provide tightly packed lugs, so you can be surefooted no matter the conditions. The Hoka Stinson ATR 5 definitely puts the “all-terrain” in ATR.


  • Arch-lock wings for superior midfoot lock-down
  • Reinforced open mesh completes a durable, breathable package
  • Reinforced toe cap for additional durability
  • The wide midsole and accommodating fit ensure a comfortable ride
  • Late stage Meta-Rocker designed for additional stability and a smooth toe-off
  • The highest volume CMEVA midsole in the HOKA ONE ONE® lineup for optimal lightweight cushioning
  • 4mm lugs provide all-terrain traction
  • Podular outsole design provides stability on uneven terrain
  • 100% Vegan

My Experience


In my search for the right trail running shoe, I was looking for something with enough cushion that could help out with some lower back pain I was dealing with.  If you’ve read my previous article Altra: The Pacific Crest Trail Takeover, you’ll know that I love Altras.  They are great shoes as well, but with all the running I’ve been doing lately, especially on the pavement, the high impact/low cushion started to catch up with me.  So the Stinson ATR 5 ended up being the shoe that I found that worked out all the kinks.

I do want to point out that if you do make the transition from a shoe such as Altra, or any other form of the “Zero Drop” style, take it slow.  Your feet and especially the ankle will feel a little sore for the first week or so, depending on how often you’re training. Changing your heel lift by even just a couple of millimeters will stretch the tendons and work out new muscles.  Think of it as if you just left the gym and your muscles are sore, but in a good way. You’re simply just working out new muscles in the foot and ankle. So do not let the soreness deter you from liking the shoe right away.  

Get After It!


We’re slowly starting to accumulate our fall line of shoes.  Sales are starting to hit the shelves for the spring line. So come on down to Ski Haus and ask our friendly sales staff to help you find the right running shoe for you!  See ya soon!

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