Helinox Sunset Chair -

Helinox Sunset Chair

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Helinox Sunset ChairRelax. Helinox has a chair saved for you

– The new Helinox Sunset Chair is pretty darn comfortable. And innovative. And easy to assemble. Easy to stow away. And most importantly, easy to take a nap in. Helinox came out with the Helinox chair pole setChair One a few seasons ago and it proved to be incredibly popular with day hikers and backpackers and even patio shade seekers. The Chair One was super slick in that you were sitting up off the ground while you’re lounging. For many, up off the ground is just more comfortable.

The only deal with the Helinox Chair One was it’s low back – while very comfortable to sit in (and it is light weight) – it was slightly dangerous when your eyelids began to dip, dreams began to invade your thoughts, and nap time was only a moment away, and then your head snaps down or back or off to the side interrupting what could have been some quality power napping. Enter Helinox Sunset Chair with its higher nap friendly back. The chair’s back is high enough to lean your noggin’ against. High enough to protect your neck when the Sand Man comes to visit your camp…

The Helinox Sunset Chair is lightweight, is designed for easy set up with a single shock corded pole structure. The chair attaches to the pole set at the four re-enforced corners. There is little danger of the fabric and you prematurely hitting the deck.

As soon as the Helinox Sunset Chair was in Ski Haus it quickly became a staff favorite. We’re all about going big and gettin’ western but everyone knows the sun sets in the West and that could just be the ideal time to set up camp, set up your Sunset Chair, relax, and call it good.


Here are the particulars:

  • Lightweight folding camp or deck chair
  • Sets up quickly and easily
  • Single shock corded pole structure
  • Storage sack included
  • Skin & Frame Weight- 3lb/1340g

And the factoids:
Capacity – 320 lbs/145 kg
Width – 22.8 inches
Depth- 27.6 inches
Height – 38.6 inches
Case Dimensions – 18.5″ x 4.7″ x 5.5

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