Have Paddle Will Travel - Paddleboarding Pearl Lake State Park

Have Paddle Will Travel – Paddleboarding Pearl Lake State Park

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The Secret To A Perfect Day Revealed

paddling on the lake at Pearl Lake State Park Colorado

Pearl Lake State Park is a beautiful spot just north of Steamboat Springs to go paddleboarding for a day. It’s peaceful and the views are great.
It’s so easy to get caught up in adventures in this town that we forget to relax. Paddleboarding is a perfect activity to meet your adventure and relaxation needs. With an itch to get out of town but, not wanting to drive too far, Pearl Laker is a perfect day or weekend outing.

Paddleboard Rental

 I filled the cooler with snacks and beverages and rented a paddleboard from Hala Gearspace. Their staff is knowledgeable about all the watercraft that they rent, and ensure you are outfitted correctly.
Pearl Lake typically is less crowded than the more popular Steamboat Lake, making it an ideal spot to chill for the day or an afternoon. To avoid traffic, we parked in a lot a little further away than the main boat parking lot. We were able to easily carry the board down to the water from the other parking area. Tip: don’t forget to lather up the sunscreen and to reapply. The reflection off the water sneaks up on you!

Paddleboarding Options

 One of the cool things about paddleboarding is that you can paddle sitting, kneeling, or standing, and whenever you get tired, you can lay down and close your eyes for a little nap. The stability of the board also makes it easy to climb back on if you tip or take a dip in the water.
We had an eleven-foot paddleboard that worked out great because it could accommodate the two of us. We took turns paddling while enjoying one another’s company.

Relaxing Is Hard Work!

With a cold drink and a hat to shade my eyes, I was more than content to be on the water for the entire day. The size of the lake is perfect, allowing you to escape from the busier beach and picnic areas. As a bonus, it isn’t too big as to get stuck a long distance from the shore if a storm were to roll in.
It always surprises me how much sitting and relaxing in the sun all day will take it out of me. With the day coming to an end, we loaded up and hit the Clark Store for some ice cream before heading back to Steamboat Springs planning our next relaxing paddleboard adventure.

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