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GoPro Hero4 Session

By August 3, 2015 Bikes, Featured, Top 25

GoPro Hero4 SessionThe new GoPro Hero4 Session is their smallest, lightest, and most versatile camera yet. Over the last several years these action cameras have drastically changed how we film and share our gopro camerasgopro hero4 session cameraadventures… and they continue to improve on their design. The GoPro brand has become synonymous with their category in the same way Kleenex and Band-Aid have become nouns that we use when talking about facial tissue and bandages. GoPro has innovated the way film is captured from the adventurer’s perspective, and the new “Session” makes it easier than ever to get that epic shot.

Personally, I don’t have the patience to fight with electronic gadgets when I’m on a board, bike, or boat… I’m focused on riding, pedaling, or surfing! That said, there are also plenty of times I’ve regretted not getting an unexpected moment on film. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then 1440p HD video has got to be priceless! The new GoPro Session camera is elegantly simple, small, and lightweight enough to mount almost anywhere… and far more user-friendly than previous models.

By designing the GoPro Session camera with a built-in battery and making it waterproof without the need for a bulky exterior housing, they we’re able to reduce the size by 50% and the weight by 40%. It also features easy one-button control: A single press of the shutter button powers on the camera and begins capturing video or time lapse photos automatically. A second press of the shutter button stops recording and powers off the camera, thus making much more efficient use of the battery’s capacity. The Auto Low Light feature automatically adjusts the frame rate for optimal low-light performance, and Super View captures the industry’s most immersive wide-angle field of view.

If you want professional video of your adventure minus the fighting with electronics when you should be biking, riding, surfing, skiing, climbing, jumping, crashing… we’ll see you at the ‘Haus!

GoPro Hero4 Session Camera ($399)

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