Giro Combyn Helmet -

Giro Combyn Helmet

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Combyn helmet by GiroRECIPE FOR DURABILITY

– The road of progression is a long and arduous one. Many failed attempts lead up to that first stomped landing. Often in the world of park and pipe, the helmets pay the price of failure, so your head doesn’t have to. Helmets are a single-impact device, meaning,  if you hit your head once, it’s really time for a new piece of headwear. Most up and coming freestyle athletes are not in a position to repeatedly  purchase new helmets every time they take a good impact. So, taking a cue from other multi-impact sports, such as football, Giro has brought a first-of-it’s-kind product to market.

Soft shell Giro Combyn HelmetThe Giro Combyn Helmet is truly a multi-impact helmet in every sense of the term. In order to accomplish this, Giro had to re-invent the helmet from the ground up. Gone is the traditional hard outer shell and styrofoam-like, single compression inner shell.  To address the higher force impacts that progressive riders need today, the Combyn uses a revolutionary Soft-Shell technology, and a dual layer Vinyl Nitrile liner. You can actually squeeze and deform the helmet without any permanent damage and it simply returns to its original shape. The new dual layer foam liner compresses differently with each impact. For lower force impacts only the first layer is needed to compress. For higher force impacts, both layers and the shell deform to take the impact, instead of your noggin.

Giro Combyn The Combyn is extremely comfortable. Although it is slightly heavier than other freestyle helmets, with the venting and air channels in the liner it feels very light and airy when you’re wearing it. The Combyn can be easily worn with or without a beanie and goggles fit well underneath. The goggle clip can be removed if that’s your style.

Giro Combyn Snow HelmetWith recent head injuries to famous athletes such as Kevin Pearce and the late Sarah Burke, there has never been a bigger need for a major transformation in the freestyle/freeride category of helmets. Today’s riders are pushing the limits of what’s possible to levels that have never been seen before. It’s only fitting that their protective gear also rise to the occasion. The Giro Combyn has done just that, and possibly opened the floodgates to a whole new generation of helmet design and rider progression.

If you can’t remember the last time you bought a helmet, chances are you’re past the useful life of your current one. It’s time for a new helmet. Remember, we’re on the way to where you’re going, so stop by and preserve those precious memories of yours with a new helmet!


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