Scarpa Zen Pro LIght Hiking Shoes

Get Your Kicks on Route 5.6

By April 25, 2016May 11th, 2016Featured, Men's Footwear

Scarpa light hikersScarpa Zen Pro Light Hiking Shoes

– The Scarpa Zen Pro Light Hikers let you get your kicks wherever your mountain adventures take you. From soft forest trails, to playing hopscotch on above-treeline talus fields, and back down through town – the Scarpa Scrapa Zen Pro Vibram soleZen Pro can take you there and back in comfort. Your feet won’t be talking to you like some love sick hound dog – wailing some sorrowful sound. Nope. The strong midsole on these light hikers protects your feet from roots and rocks to talus and twists.

Now to be perfectly honest these shoes are stout like a hiking boot more than they are an approach shoe. Approach shoes really do have a rock climbing performance element to them and the Zen Pro does not (we just liked the title to this post and we’re not trying to mislead anyone). However, just like the right biker who can ride a road bike on any surface – you can wear the Zen Pro with confidence on any surface and any angle of rock you dare. The strength of this sole will not fail you.

When you slip on a pair of the Zen Pros you’ll feel the upper of the shoe wrap your foot with great comfort. The “to the toe” lacing is very effective. You can snug the lacing tight where you like and lace them loose where you might need some extra room. Hiking boots without this kind of lacing can’t offer this type of adjustability or performance. The upper also sports some injected reinforcing around the leather just above the rand where extra abrasion can mess with the shoe. The added abrasion resistance and durability are a plus.

I always like to twist a shoe or boot to test it’s strength. The torsional strength of the shoe is what really protects you from taking a misstep or twisting an ankle. Again, because of the strength of the midsole – the Zen Pro has what it takes to protect the bottom of your feet from stone bruising and it protects your ankles from nasty twists.

The Vibram Spyder II sole has excellent traction for both the ascent and descent. The big ‘ol lugs won’t collect trail debris (gravel, stones, rocks) as you hike and that’s a real bonus. Nobody likes having to call a farrier to pick out stones from your hoves…

This is a great versatile shoe. From town, up the trail, over rock, up to the top of the mountain and back down to town. This can be your everyday shoe or save it for the trail. You’ll be stoked.


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