For Those Groomer Days -

For Those Groomer Days

Rossignol | K2 Apache

Unfortunately, not all days here in beautiful Steamboat Springs are powder days. Between the storms, us locals and the visitors have had to find other ways to amuse ourselves when not drowning in champagne powder. For those other days there are a lot of fun skis out there that are super fun on the groomers and in the bumps.

The Rossignol Experience 83 and 88 are great options for an everyday ski that hold and edge really well in all conditions. These skis are turning machines, with lots of progressive side cut and camber under foot. Simply lay these skis on edge and they take off. The 83 and 88 refer to their width underfoot The 83 is a little more nimble and the 88 is going to do better in mixed snow conditions.

For those who want a different option the K2 Apache Series has been transformed to the AMP series with all mountain rocker in the tip and are now called the Rictor and the Aftershock. Just like the 83 and 88 the two skis are very similar in shape but the Aftershock is wider throughout the length of the ski than the Rictor.

Both K2 skis carve very nicely but are not as snappy as the Rossignols. However, the K2 does ski better in deeper snow with more rocker in the tip and a wider overall platform. The Rossignol carves better on hard pack while in the bumps the K2’s are a more forgiving option. Skiing is not just nipple deep powder everyday so get on out there and try some carving skis and just have fun going fast.

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