For The Big Picture Use A DeLorme Atlas and Gazetteer

For The Big Picture There Is Nothing Better Than A DeLorme Atlas and Gazetteer

Delorme state gazetteer

Looking at the Gazetteer gives you the Big Picture at a Glance

Gazetteer Atlas

I wish I had my DeLorme Atlas and Gazetteer with me last weekend. If it had been been in my truck it would have saved me from two hours of “where am I and where am I going.” As it was, I was close to two hours overdue and caused my wife needless worry.

The short version of this story is the Colorado map I had in my glove compartment didn’t show any 4wd roads or dirt county roads. I came across a road closure due to a wild fire burning on the Colorado/Wyoming border. The Wyoming State Troopers who were there said they had heard I could get to where I wanted to go down a dirt road. They pointed to a road over my shoulder that disappeared into a winding canyon. The only good news was it appeared to head south… all 80 feet of what I could see of it.

There were no good options. So, I drove down into that canyon without a map, no directions, and just a little make believe  hope. I came to 4 way dirt road intersections with no signs. I guessed at a couple “Why” intersections with no answers. And after a few hours of bouncing up and over and through nasty pots holes and twist-your-truck-inside-out washboard (with a load of glass windows in the back of the truck) I finally came to some pavement, still a very long way away from home.

At home, with my body still buzzing from driving nonstop for 6 hours,  I pulled out the Colorado Gazetteer and saw that I could have saved myself quite a bit of rock and rolling with a short-cut that was on the map but none of those crossroads gave me a hint of its existence. With no one to ask, no directions, and no good map, I stuck to the road that looked the best from behind my bug filled windshield and you know the rest of the story.

The DeLorme Gazetteer and Atlas for all the western states are essential trip planners and trip savers. Whether you’re scheming an overdue road trip, backpacking trip, day hike, overnight, or any other kind of adventure away from home – the Gazetteer gives you the roads, 4wd roads, county roads, trailheads, campsites, elevations, mileage, access… Essentially, everything you’ll need know about getting there and back home. The big picture!

Personally, I’d much rather hold a map in my hand while planning a getaway than a screen. No screen will be large enough or scale correct enough for me to see the big picture like a DeLorme Gazetteer. I have a favorite saying that goes ” buy a map to see where you’re going not to see where you’ve been.” After this weekend I will add to that and say make sure you have that map with you!

Ski Haus stocks Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, New Mexico, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, California, Oregon, Nevada, and Washington Gazetteers.

$19.95 to $24.95

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