Fischer E109 Skis

Jan 13, 2015 | Cross Country Skiing, Featured Products, Nordic

The Fischer E109 skis are an under the radar ski at Ski Haus. The skiers who have found this ski are having a blast with it… while many skiers have yet to discover this terrific lightweight and versatile cross country ski.

The E109 lives in the middle country. It’s not too wide, it’s not too narrow, it’s just right. It offers plenty of sidecut to make elegant turns. It is narrow enough to provide a fluid kick and glide. This is the perfect ski to go explore, cover a nice amount of distance, and make some really fun turns along the way. This sounds a lot like backcountry cross country skiing to me!

Fischer e109 Ski.

Probably the ideal way to mount up these skis is with either a NNN BC or SNS BC boot/binding combo. But I also think a nice lightweight leather boot like the Crispi Mountain and a three pin binding would match up nicely, too. The idea with either system would be to save some weight. Keep the package light and keep your xc options open when it comes to terrain and where you want to ski.

The Fischer E109 comes in five sizes. 170, 180, 190, 200, and 205. I like this because it allows most skiers to ski a slightly longer length (more length = more glide = more fun) compared with t-shirt sized skis (small, medium, large, extra large). The sidecut dimensions are 82.60.70. To me, this looks like the perfect blend of stability and glide. This is just enough width to offer stability in funky snow and it is just narrow enough to offer a fun kick and glide.

Fischer e109 ski.

If you have been looking to upgrade from an old ski or looking to add a versatile xc ski to your quiver… Don’t let this ski slip under your radar!