Fat Skis are GOOD -

Fat Skis are GOOD

Fat Powder SkisWhy go fatter?

Obesity might be a huge problem facing our nation, but obesity on the ski wall should make us all happy. It is true, skis have gotten fatter and fatter, but they have also gotten way more versatile. Less than 10 years ago a 90mm waisted ski was thought to be a huge powder ski. Now a days you can ski a 115mm waisted ski every day of the season.

New designs in shape, construction, camber and rocker that have made this all possible. Rocker (earlier rise in the tip and or tail) is the buzz word that has been hot for the last few years and recently ski companies have really figured out how to make more than just bending skis. Earlier rise in the tip keeps your skis up in the powder, but it also shortens your contact in the bumps and trees allowing for quicker more agile turns. But don’t worry; these skis will still rip the groomers too. Once a rockered ski is flexed onto its edge you regain the stability of a GS ski.

We are super excited to be carrying a number of these do it all fat skis on our wall. Here are some specific models that I am super excited about; Salomon Rocker 2 108, Salomon Rockette 115, K2 SideSeth, Rossignol S7 and S7W, Armada JJ, Black Diamond Amperage, Nordica Unleashed Hell, Nordica La Nina Many of these models are available to demo through our rental department.

Once you go fat you will only want to go fatter.  Happy Skiing!!!

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