Easy Dehydrated Hot Meals For On The Trail And In Camp

Easy Dehydrated Hot Meals For On The Trail And In Camp

By July 28, 2019August 10th, 2019Hiking & Camping Gear, Top 25
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All The Ingredients Ready To Make A Great Hot Meal...

Easy to prepare dehydrated hot meals after a long day on the trail will warm the spirit like nothing else. There are many dehydrated hot meal options to choose from and it can be a little bit over whelming. Each brand has a type or style of food that they specialize in. Depending on what type of food you or your trail partners like it is easy to head in a certain direction to choose what options are going to work best for your trip.

Backpacker’s Pantry

Backpacker’s Pantry is a Colorado company that makes your favorite dehydrated comfort food. Whether it be Fettuccini Alfredo with Chicken, Jamaican Style Jerk Rice & Beans with Chicken, or many other options, Backpacker’s Pantry has a comfort food that will warm your belly after a long day of hiking.
Most of the two serving meals have over 600 calories in them while keeping the overall package weight low. These meals are the perfect way to refuel your body.  Backpacker’s Pantry also has many delicious desert options.

Patagonia Provisions

“What we eat does more than just fill our stomachs and nourish our bodies; good food lifts our spirits and helps us understand the world a little better.” Patagonia Provisions has taken food to the next level with the entry in backpacking style of food.
Patagonia Provisions aren’t your normal dehydrated food. They offer options from Wild Sockeye Salmon, Organic Red Bean Chili, Smoked Mussels, and many other options. Patagonia has taken some of their favorite foods from years of doing business all over the world to make easy to make delicious food for me and you.
Patagonia Provisions aims to make the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, and perhaps most important, inspire solutions to our environmental crisis.

Good To-Go

Good To-Go makes real food, for real adventures. They are a Maine based company that is focused on making dehydrated meals to suit all diets, which is why all of their products are gluten-free, low in sodium, and made with no preservatives.
Good To Go has many delicious meals that are inspired from all over the world. Classic Marinara with Penne, Pad Thai, Indian Vegetable Korma are just a few of the delicious options to choose from. Good To-Go will your taste buds happy no matter your diet preferences.

Mountain House

Mountain House, based out of Oregon is one of our customer’s favorite. Their selection of freeze dried meals, breakfasts, and deserts are very popular with our customers. Since these cook in the pouch meals are freeze dried their shelf life is quite long. So even if you don’t get a chance to eat them this summer they will still be ready for you the chance you get.

Some of our best sellers are Biscuits and Gravy, Beef Stroganoff, and Raspberry Crumble…don’t forget about desert!

Heather’s Choice

Heather’s Choice is a tiny company based in Anchorage Alaska. Heather is a nutritionist and all the meals they prepare will stoke your furnace for big days in the mountains. Filled with great calories from good fats and carbohydrates these tasty meals will make you feel good after a long day in the high country and get you ready first thing in the morning with satisfying breakfasts.

Make sure you check out Heather’s Choice Packaroons. Coconut based energy cookies that give you the boost to top out that fourteener!

Alpine Aire

Ski Haus has stocked AlpineAire for a very long time. We have always been impressed with their ingredients and flavors. AlpineAire probably offers the largest selection of gluten free meals available.

AlpineAire also offers side dishes besides dinners, breakfasts, and deserts. Try their guacamole, bean dip, and hummus. Plus, berry blast and banana blast smoothies!

Most all the above meals are cook in the pouch options. Boil water, add, stir, wait and eat! Some of the above you will need to cook in a pot or pan but they are no less delicious and still very easy to prepare. Check the packaging for cooking instructions.

Our tip is a little less water than recommended and maybe a minute or two longer to cook at our altitude will make your meal even better.

Stop in Ski Haus before you head out on your next adventure. We’re located on the way to where you are going!

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