Early Season Turns -

Early Season Turns

By November 4, 2013Featured, Snowboards

Making turns with splitboardsWINTER PRESEASON IS NOW!

The weather often dictates how we spend our days here in Steamboat Springs, and this time of year can be a bit like playing roulette. You just never know what you’re going to get! This last week has provided perfect fall weather with temps in the upper 50’s and lots of sunshine… the ideal conditions to be outside and enjoying those warm-weather activities one last time before winter hits. However, the scene was a little bit different earlier this month when nearly a foot of snow fell Splitboard selection at Ski Hausovernight changing the fall landscape into an authentic taste of winter for a few days. That early snowstorm got most of us thinking seriously about the upcoming winter season and a few even acted on the opportunity to make some early season turns. The attached photos are courtesy of local splitboarder, Aaron Goforth. He couldn’t resist the urge to take his Jones Hovercraft up for some October freshies!

This is what splitboarding is all about, the freedom to access the mountain playground without having to rely on a chairlift to get you there. It doesn’t mean that you have to set out on some epic adventure hours away from home (although, you have the freedom to do that as well). For those of us who are fortunate enough to live here in Steamboat Springs, the epic adventure often takes place right in our backyard. After the early snowfall a few weeks ago, there were tracks evident on several of the runs at the ski area. Just because opening day is still a month away, that doesn’t mean that your season has to wait!

Splitboarding is a rapidly growing sport, and for that reason we are seeing some significant advancement in the equipment that’s available. Here at the ‘Haus, we carry the most extensive line of splitboards, splitboard-specific bindings, and backcountry snowboarding equipment in Steamboat. You’ll find all the new toys from Jones, Burton, Salomon, K2, Karakoram, and Spark R&D. We are one of only a few select Jones Snowboards dealers in the country to carry the EPICenter designation. That means you will find product here that isn’t available anywhere else!

So whether you’re just getting into splitboarding, or you’re stoked to see what the latest gear is all about, stop by the ‘Haus and get what you need to go where the chairlift doesn’t!

Making early winter turns

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