Dogs Love Winter No Matter What Kind Of Winter They Get

Dogs Love Winter No Matter What Kind Of Winter They Get

dogs love being outside in winter

Be Like Your Dog. Or Be Like Your Friend’s Dog If You Don’t Have One

dogs love to ski
dogs love to snowshoe

My dog loves winter. He doesn’t know if the snowpack is 70% of average or 170% of average. He doesn’t care if it is a powder day or a hard packed day. All he knows is there is snow covering the ground and he gets to romp in it and roll in it and run in it and stick his face underneath it and breath it in… He loves it as much if not more than I do.

My dog will go with us cross country skiing up on the pass, at one of our local Nordic Touring Centers, or at our neighbors ranch. He’ll go for a snowshoe up the back hill that leads into the forest. He’ll go for a wintery night time walk down our snowpacked road. He’s game for whatever gets him on snow and outside.

He doesn’t complain about the lack of deep powder days. He doesn’t complain if he sees an exposed rock on one of the trails we’re on. He ignores all the weather forecasts and takes advantage of what Mother Nature hands him on any given day. Cold. Warm. Wet. Dry. Blue skies. Clouds… He smiles and is happy with winter.

Winters like this one can challenge even the most optimistic winter enthusiast. The Yampa River watershed snowpack is currently around 70% of historical average. That is a lot less snow than we are used to or wish we had. But we have received good consistent snow. Not as much as we want but it has been consistent. The snow is good.

I’ve skied Rabbit Ears Pass this winter more than I have in several winters. I’ve searched out places to ski that are new to me while looking for cold dry snow. I’ve found it. My friends tell me about arcing graceful turns on some really spectacular groomed snow in-bounds. The Nordic trails at Lake Catamount and Howelsen Hill are skiing great!

I make my way through this winter with the same approach as my dog. Each winter day is great. And it can be made even greater with the dogs-love-winter approach. Be like your dog. Be like your friend’s dog if you don’t have one. This winter day is a wonder. Tomorrow’s winter day is what I make of it and I choose to make it wonderful with my friends, with my family… with my dog.

Dogs love winter.

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