Dogs like snowshoeing, too! -

Dogs like snowshoeing, too!

By March 5, 2012 Blog, Dogs, Snowshoes

My dog Bentley loves to snowshoe with me. Or I should say he loves to snowshoe in front of me, behind me, off to the side of me, and anywhere he sees and smells some tracks in the snow. I like to snowshoe with him because he can set his own pace and I don’t feel like he gets worked like dogs can get worked when they go skiing or biking. Skiing and biking with dogs is way too much work for them and they don’t get to rest or set their own pace. Snowshoeing is a different pace and if he gets too far ahead, well, I call him back and he gets to double his distance at his own pace. Take your buddy snowshoeing… they love it!

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