Devil's Causeway Loop Trail: A Ski Haus Trail Report

Devil’s Causeway Loop Trail: A Ski Haus Trail Report

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Conditions Report for the Devil's Causeway Loop

Brandon here, bringing you the Ski Haus weekly trail report.  Over the past few weeks we’ve been getting a lot of questions about the Flat Tops Wilderness Area.  So I jumped on the opportunity to join a group of friends, as well as a massive puppy party, and did an over-nighter on the Devil’s Causeway Loop Trail to gather some information for you all.

How to get there


If you’re coming from Steamboat Springs, you’ll take HWY 131 to Yampa.  Next you’ll turn westbound onto County Road 7 (Bear River Rd.).  From there you’ll take it all the way to the end until you hit the Devil’s Causeway/Trappers Lake Trailhead.  It takes about 1hr. 20mins. to get there from Steamboat.

Devil’s Causeway Loop details


The Devil’s Causeway Loop Trail is a combination of 4 different trails that are linked together making it roughly 10 miles.  This loop will bring you directly back to where you started at the Devil’s Causeway trailhead.  We went clockwise, so we started following the edge of Stillwater Reservoir on the Bear River Trail.  From there we connected to the Chinese Wall Trail.  This particular section of the trail was extremely mellow with spectacular 360° views of the Flat Tops.  

From here you’ll be led directly to the Devil’s Causeway Trail, as well as the infamous “land bridge”.  This section is by far the thrill of the trail. It’s 50 feet in length and narrows to about 3 feet in certain sections.  Both sides revealing 80 foot cliffs dropping down to a talus field that drops another 800 feet to the drainages below.  Quite the view if I do say so myself!  Once you’re through the causeway it’s all downhill from here.  Just a few more easy miles down to the Stillwater Reservoir and back to the parking lot.

My Experience on Devil’s Causeway


We started the hike late in the evening after work, so we only made it a couple of miles in and camped at Mosquito Lake (and yes… it has its name for a reason).  Make sure you carry bug spray with you.  We also dealt with a few evening and late night showers, but the next morning was beautiful.  There was plenty of water, the majority of the hiking is moderate (except for the causeway), the dogs loved it and there was hardly any snow.  Overall, it was an amazing little backpack.  It can easily be done in a day, but hey, if you have the time, why not camp?

Send It


I enjoy making these trail reports, so please continue bringing us ideas and feedback so I can keep trying my best to bring you quality trail and condition reports.  Also, if you’d like to watch the “visual trail report” that would take the same amount of time it took you to read this article, CLICK HERE.  So come on down to Ski Haus and let us get you all geared up and prepared for your next adventure!  As always, be smart, stay safe and get out there and crush it!

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