Deja Vu: It’s Time Again To Stop Messing With Time

Mar 4, 2021 | Featured Products, Latest News

Daylight Saving must end

Daylight Saving and Standard Time

Daylight Saving Time is good. Standard Time is good. Switching back and forth between the two is bad. The time to stop this clock mismanagement has come, AGAIN!

There are those who love Daylight Saving Time (most of my co-workers). The light that lingers later in the day is a wonderful thing.

There are those who could live on standard time year round (me). An old fashioned low light winter feels like home to me. I’m also a morning person. However, collectively none of us want to continue the madness of Springing Forward or Falling Back.

70% of USA citizens

There is a ton of information regarding the who, what, and when of Daylight Saving. How effective it is and how useful it is continually comes under scrutiny. It does seem minds are made up… Ultimately, 70% of United States citizens feel the time to quit messing with the clocks has come. The European Union conducted a poll and 80% of EU citizens who responded want to ditch the practice, as well.

Daylight Saving should end

What can be done? How about signing a petition to get our legislator’s attention? It can’t hurt and it may make you feel better as this maddening time change comes ticktocking our way.

Sign the Petition

Sign the petition:

The link above provides excellent information on the history and practice of Daylight Saving. Much of it has little to do with energy savings, farmers, or the good of public. Much of Daylight Saving has to do with special interests which generally runs counter to the public’s interest.

Thank you for your consideration and when you lose an hour of sleep this March 14, 2021 brew an extra cup of coffee or tea when you wake up. Compose yourself and breath deep. Hopefully, one day this scourge of time manipulation will end!