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Deeluxe Splitboard Boots

By November 26, 2013Featured, Snowboards


– I’m often asked if a special boot is required to use a splitboard, and the answer really depends on the user. Most splitboarders are still riding in their traditional snowboard boots, but that doesn’t mean it’s ideal. I mean let’s face it, in the early days of snowboarding most people were riding in Sorrels for lack of another option. Before long, the need for a boot designed specifically for snowboarding was realized and the need for splitboard boots was not far behind.

It’s a similar story with splitboarding. Can you get away with using a traditional snowboard boot on your splitboard? Sure. Is it the best option available? Not anymore!  A couple years ago, Deeluxe introduced the first mountaineering snowboard boot. Unlike a resort-focused snowboard boot, the Spark featured an aggressive Vibram hiking sole, a reinforced toe box for kicking steps, and a lacing system that was user friendly when touring as well as riding. This year, Deeluxe has expanded on that concept and released a whole line of splitboarding boots.

The all-new Spark Summit is the pinnacle mountaineering snowboard boot. Your feet go to their happy place just looking at it. It has all the features you’d expect from a mountaineering snowboard boot, like a Vibram sole, reinforced toe box, and heel well for the use of crampons… but it doesn’t stop there. The new Summit boot boasts an ultra-waterproof and breathable SympaTex Membrane incorporated into the luxurious leather shell. The fully heat-moldable Thermo Flex Premium liner has a leather inlay to provide unsurpassed comfort and help regulate moisture. The Summit has an all-new Custom Flex construction which can be adjusted on-the-fly with the Boa lacing system.

Also new for this season, the Deeluxe Independent BC boot shares many of the backcountry necessities of the Summit, but in a simplified, almost utilitarian form. It eliminates all of the fancy lacing systems in favor of traditional laces, but don’t be fooled by the Independent’s subtle style… It’s a backcountry workhorse! It has everything you need, including the Vibram Icelock outsole, SympaTex Membrane, crampon compatible heel well and reinforced toe box.

Whatever your style, be it luxury or utilitarian, the ‘Haus has what you need to complete your splitboard kit and step up to a splitboard boot designed for your out-of-bounds adventure.

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