Daylight savings is still dumb. I do need to qualify this statement as my own and it may not reflect the opinion of Ski Haus, its owner, or any of my coworkers, etc. etc.

First off there is no saving daylight. Daylight savings does not add light to our day. By “springing forward” we lose an hour of sleep and wake up in the dark. Where is the daylight savings in losing an hour?

There will be just as much daylight March 7th as there was March 8th (except for the small addition the natural rotation of the earth provides). The clock will say it is lighter later but this is contrived and meaningless.

I think of savings as something that I can use at my discretion. Like a piece of chocolate that I’ve set aside to eat later. I’ve saved it. I can savor it anytime. Or even money in a savings account. I can use it anytime. It has been saved. There is no such luck with daylight savings. Time rolls on just as it always has and always will. Daylight can not be saved in a jar to be used later like if you are lost in the forest, it’s getting dark, and say to yourself “boy, I sure could use some more daylight right about now.” Good luck with that savings…