Cusa Tea. An Instant Favorite at Ski Haus

Cusa Tea. An Instant Favorite at Ski Haus

cusa instant organic tea

Cusa Tea, Easy Organic Tea for Camping (and every day)

cusa single serve

Cusa Tea is a brand new company from Boulder, Colorado. At Ski Haus, we carry plenty of items for the coffee lover but we never found the perfect products for tea drinkers. Until now. Cusa Tea is a wonderful, flavorful, organic, and easy to brew (instant) tea for backpackers and campers. And of course, Cusa Tea is perfect for your daily home brew, too.

Cusa Tea is different from any instant tea you’ve ever tasted. Founder, Jim Lamancusa, has developed a process to create an instant tea that retains all the flavor and goodness tea. There is no excessive heat in the drying process or excessive cold in the dehydration process. There are no preservatives or fillers added to the tea. The result is a premium organic instant tea.

Cusa doesn’t accept just any tea for their product. They source all their teas from small out of the way organic farms in Asia that are located away from large cities and busy roads reducing urban factors that can affect other teas. All the tea that Cusa uses are hand selected.

I am a long time coffee drinker. I enjoy tea occasionally but it really hasn’t been my go-to drink. When I tasted Cusa Tea for the first time I can’t overstate how refreshing and how completely it “hit the spot.” I had the Lemon Black tea as an iced tea and I remember the instant satisfying gratification of flavor and cold. It tasted great.

You can find Cusa Tea at Ski Haus. We stock the English Breakfast Tea, Mango Green Tea, Lemon Black Tea, and a Variety Pack. Each pack has 10  single serving stick packs and sell for $9.99. The Variety Pack contains 2 English, 2 Green, 2 Lemon Black, 2 Mango Green, and 2 Oolong Teas.

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