Cross Country Skier's Christmas and Gift List. Tis the Season!

Cross Country Skier’s Christmas and Gift List. Tis the Season!

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gifts for cross country skiers

The XC Gifts We Want to Give and Wish We'd Receive!

xc gift guidecross country skier's gift list
xc skiers christmas gift list

The Ski Haus Gift Guide for Cross Country Skiers are suggestions for both giving and receiving. Here are some items in stock at Ski Haus that make easy gifts for any cross country skier. They are also the gifts, as Nordic Skies, that we’d love to receive, too!

XC Gift List
– New knit hat from Bjorn Daehlie or Swix: A fresh lid is a great way to begin a new ski season and New Year.

Buff with Colorado Flag graphic: Buffs can be worn as a neck gaiter, face mask, hat, or headband. A Buff can take the edge off of a harsh winter day.

Toko Thermo Gloves: These gloves feel great. External seams, tapered finger tips, just enough insulation, and light!

– Craft Windstopper Next to Skin Base Layer: You can eliminate a layer by wearing the Craft Windstopper base layer. Ski light and warm with great mobility and flexibility.

Swix Quantum Skate or Classic Poles: Huge upgrade with Swix Quantum Poles. This year’s Quantum 3 feels like last year’s CT2. Performance upgrade and price reduction throughout the pole line? Yes!

Fischer Variolite Adjustable Backcountry Poles: We love these poles because they offer a touring cork grip vs. an alpine pistol grip for skiing in the backcountry. Adjustable length for skier size, climbing, and descending.

Swix Extra Blue Kick Wax: The go-to kick wax in Steamboat. This will work about 8 out of 10 times at the track or in the backcountry. Don’t leave home without it!

Bjorn Daehlie Cavalese Jacket: Suitable for low-intensity cross-country skiing. Wind and water resistant softshell. Stretch panels and sleeves give great mobility. Plus this jacket just looks great!

Fischer S-Bound 98 Ski: The best of all worlds. Tour, explore, and make turns with ease. Laugh with Ullr!

Salomon S-lab Carbon Skate Ski: This very well may be the ultimate skate ski. Practically non-existent swing weight, stable, and fast! Dreamy!

Cross Country skiing means different things to different XC skiers. Cross Country skiing can be a light tour with a conversational pace on a groomed track at one of our local touring centers. It can also mean a hard workout, pushing yourself to your limit and elevating your heart rate skate or classic skiing at the same track.

Cross Country can also be covering milage and distance in the backcountry on one of the trails marked with with blue diamonds on Rabbit Ears Pass and Dunkley Pass. It can also mean leaving those trails behind and going deep in the backcountry breaking trail through deep snow to make turns on slopes that rarely see skiers.

All of these cross country skiers will use different equipment, layer their insulation and outerwear differently, wax their skis differently, use climbing skins, ski light and fast or carry a heavy pack. This is the beauty of cross country skiing and how it can mean so many different things to different skiers.

The good news is Ski Haus has what your XC skier needs whether they are skiing groomed tracks or deep powder snow. Our selection of equipment, clothing, and accessories is legendary.

Ski Haus even has a great selection of cross country skis to rent and demo. Stop by and discover how Ski Haus can help you find the perfect gifts for your Nordic skier!

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