Compact And Lightweight Primus Lite+ Backpacking Stove At Ski Haus

Apr 15, 2021 | Camping, Featured Products, Hiking and Camping Gear

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Primus Lite+ camp stove

The Primus Lite+ stove is compact, efficient, quiet, and easy to use. I’ve been using this stove for a few years now and here are a few things I’ll share that I really like about the stove.

The primus lite+ camp stove brings water to a quick boil

Primus Kettle & Burner

One thing that really stands out with the LIte+ is how the kettle attaches to the burner. A quarter turn securely nests the two together. This design also allows the bottom of the kettle to be closer to the burner’s flame creating a nice efficient stove. The heat exchanger on the kettle is an additional plus to a quick boil.

How the kettle and stove attach to each other also lowers the center of gravity of the stove. it is easy to balance this stove on rock, sand, duff, or wherever you find yourself cooking.

Quiet is a Good Thing

The Primus Lite+ is also a really quiet stove. You can carry a conversation, hear yourself think, listen to a nearby creek, or ponder where a breeze goes once it passes you…

The control knob on the Lite+ is oversized making it very easy to use

Primus Control Knob

The control knob for flame adjustment is oversized so it is easy to work even with gloves.

The stove and a 100 gram fuel canister nest together in the kettle for easy packing. And if you ever need to use a fry pan or larger pot Primus includes three support pegs that screw onto the burner to lift it into place.

The Primus piezo ignite glowing red hot while the burner is going

Piezo Igniter

As with every stove or appliance that comes with a piezo ignitor you shouldn’t solely rely on it to light up your stove. Piezo igniters are fragile at best. Always carry a lighter or matches or some kind of backpack to ignite your stove. This is really the only concern I have with the stove.

The photos above are of my personal stove that is a few years old. The current Lite+ is available in Uncle Blue and Seashell Orange. Both colors are nice.

$114.95 – in stock.