The Comfort of Home with Slippers -

The Comfort of Home with Slippers

slippersNothing is nicer than cozy

– The comfort of home can be found with slippers. No matter how far away from home you are, slide into your favorite slippers and all the feelings of comfort and home are yours. One of my favorite places to wear slippers is in the 10th Mountain Huts of Colorado. After a long day of skiing, one of the simpler joys of life is sitting by the woodburner, slippered feet propped up on a wood stump, a hot dinner in hand and a raging snowstorm pressing on the cabin’s logs… Slippers complete this scene off right. I’ve also worn down slippers inside my sleeping bag in the heart of a wintery Yellowstone National Park. Whether I was inside a quinzhee hut or tent I didn’t feel as secure until my feet were tucked into my slippers. Certainly, you cannot underestimate the good feelings a cozy pair of slippers provide even on a daily basis at home. I sure hope everyone has a pair within reach…

Ski Haus has slippers for all your little feets and toes from Acorn, Haflinger, Keen, and Sorel. We offer styles with full shearling to fuzzy fleece and styles with soles to be worn outside. We have very classic looking slippers with traditional colors and some pretty wild looking slippers for your fun side. Keeping your feet warm is key in the colder months of the year. Plus, with the Holidays fast approaching did you know slippers also make great gifts? Well, yes, they do. Ask anyone. In the meantime, come on down to Ski Haus and pick up a pair or two for yourself and for those on your list!

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