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Colorado Mountain Companion

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Colorado Mountain Companion Fayhee

– One of our favorite books on the Ski Haus shelves is John Fayhee’s Colorado Mountain Companion. The subtitle says it all on the cover… a potpourri of miscellany from the highest parts of the highest state (written before the legalization of marijuana in Colorado so I’m sure there is no correlation between the two). This book is packed with all the information that  the majority of Colorado residents, native or not, probably don’t know about Colorado.

How did Colorado mountain towns get their names, what river flows the most miles within our border, what is the highest vertical gain, the lowest point, who votes how and where, WZ license plates,  and on and on and on. Fayhee’s goal in writing this collection of facts, figures, and debunked truths was to help stop barroom brawls when two otherwise friendly patrons erupt in an exchange of blows over some incredibly important fact like where certain scenes from the 1969 movie True Grit was filmed. “Hey, bro, let’s see what Fayhee’s Colorado Mountain Companion says first then we can either have another drink together or Duke it out.” (I think the same can be said of the Guiness Book of World Records. After its initial publication brawls in Irish Pubs practically became nonexistent).

At any rate. Ski Haus is staffed with lots of book lovers and several who are passionate about the books they read, buy, borrow, and give away. The Colorado Mountain Companion is one we will always keep on the shelf to help protect those who don’t know what they think they know…


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