Colorado Bike To Work Day at Ski Haus

Colorado Bike To Work Day at Ski Haus

By June 26, 2017 Bikes, Featured

free pancake breakfast at ski haus for bike to work day

Bike to work on June 28, 2017 and stop by Ski Haus for a Free Pancake Breakfast, Bike Accessory Sale, and Free Bike Maintenance Clinics!

Colorado’s Bike To Work Day is Wednesday, June 28, 2017 and Ski Haus is offering our annual Bike To Work Day Free Pancake Breakfast from 7 am to 9 am. And that same evening, Ski Haus is hosting free bike maintenance clinics from 6pm to 8pm. Plus, all day long all bike accessories will be on sale 15% off. Ski Haus is celebrating Bike To Work day with breakfast nutrition and timely information. All for free!

The day begins bright and early with breakfast on the Ski Haus patio. Fresh off the griddle pancakes, a tasty selection of fruit, a variety of muffins & donuts, cold juice, and hot coffee await anyone who arrives by bicycle. Ride with a friend. Meet all your buddies to catch up and make plans for the weekend. Come on by and join in the fun!

All day long at Ski Haus all bike accessories will be 15% off. This is a great chance to save on tubes, air cartridges, tool kits, socks, bike packs, floor pumps, gloves, UV sleeves and lots more. A sale is a terrible thing to waste especially on the essentials you need and use practically every day!

Bike to Work Day isn’t over yet. From 6 pm to 8 pm Ski Haus is presenting free bike maintenance clinics. Just show up! These quick and informal clinics will cover brakes, drive train, and how to clean and lube your bicycle. Attend all three clinics or move around from one clinic to another. Ski Haus makes it easy to learn how to keep your bike rolling true.

The brake clinic will cover how to check your brakes, how to check the rotor on hydraulic brakes, how and when to change the hydraulic fluid, how to replace the pads, and how to keep those brakes from squeaking!

The drive train clinic will help you shift from one gear to another with a quick positive shift, how to adjust your derailleurs, how to check if your chain is worn out, and how to avoid costly drive train replacements.

The last clinic will offer valuable tips on how to clean your bike, what parts to lube and what parts to grease, and how to make your bike last years longer – simply by keeping it clean.

It will be a big day at Ski Haus as we celebrate Colorado Bike To Work Day. Wednesday, June 28, 2017. All day at Ski Haus!

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