Camping with Kids and Puppies in the Colorado High Country

Camping with Kids and Puppies in the Colorado High Country

By August 15, 2019August 16th, 2019Featured, Hiking & Camping Gear
camping with kids in colorado

Camping With Kids and Puppies Is Brand New For Everyone...

Camping kids partying at the camp table
the day is packed with fun while camping with kids
sleeping in late with a puppy snuggled nearby

Camping with a four-year-old and a 4-month-old Puppy is a whole different ballgame. On this particular trip, we went camping for 2 nights at the Molly Brown Campsite on Turquoise Lake near Leadville.

Our Toyota 4-Runner was packed with more stuff than I had when I moved to Steamboat Springs 16 years ago. Regardless, we were looking forward to getting out of the hustle and bustle to reconnect with college friends. Everyone in our group has kids ranging from 3 to 6 years young.

Molly Brown Campsite at Turquoise Lake

The Molly Brown campsites are an awesome venue for families. Situated right on the banks of Turquoise Lake, there is sand to play in and chilly mountain water to wade in. There is fishing and plenty of paddle boarding. Around the lake, there is a perfect, strider level, mountain biking trail. The campsites are big enough to play hide-and-seek, tag, and a new game called “stay away from the nipping puppy.”

One of the kids just had a birthday so all the kids dressed up. Someone busted out animal masks and we partied with cupcakes and s’mores. What an awesome way to turn 4!

Planning and What Actually Happens

While planning, I had some concerns about how the puppy would handle it all; however, she did great. Nestled in our tent between myself and my 4-year-old, she slept in 2 hours later than she normally does at home. Also, there were other dogs around the campsite to meet, and she got her first taste of swimming.

On Monday morning, we went our separate ways vowing to do it again next summer. Driving down Tennessee Pass, I asked my daughter what her favorite part of the trip was.  I figured she would say something like playing with new friends, sleeping in the tent with the puppy, riding bikes, or paddle boarding, but of course, she said, “s’mores.”  I’m going to chalk it up as a success.

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