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Burton Barracuda

By December 11, 2013Featured, Snowboards


– The possibilities are seemingly endless these days… the vast number of snowboard options can be somewhat overwhelming. You can read all the snowboard mags, the buyer’s guides, take notes during this year’s videos, ask your buddies, call a hotline, meditate in a snowstorm, and you’ll still be left wondering where to start. There are so many new shapes, flexes, bend-profiles, etc, that should all be considered when buying a board… and that’s what we do: Sort through all the options and present the best of what’s out there. Here at the ‘Haus we strive to fill the racks with a selection of boards to suit every style of rider. There are a lot of great boards out there these days, and while we can’t carry all of them, we take care to hand-pick the brands and models that we feel are most relevant to where we live and how we ride.

Barracuda snowboard by BurtonOne board that has become a shop favorite over the last couple years is the Barracuda from Burton. This is a Steamboat board through and through. It thrives in our famous Champagne Powder thanks to its tapered, directional shape and S-Rocker bend profile, but the Barracuda is so much more than a powder board. It’s not nearly as pow-specific as its predecessors: the Fish and the Malolo, but it surfs just as well. The versatility of the Barracuda comes in part from the cambered portion of the bend profile (found between the bindings) which provides confident edge hold on firmer snow while the rocker that carries from the nose down to just under the front foot provides the float. This board has been my daily-driver the last two seasons, and can be found in the quivers of a few other Ski Haus employees as well. If you can expect the conditions and the terrain to vary, the Barracuda is safe bet every time!

Come see us and we’ll gladly help you sort through all options and find the perfect setup. Whatever your style, ability, or aspirations, your board is waiting at the ‘Haus!

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