Burley Travoy Urban Bike Trailer -

Burley Travoy Urban Bike Trailer

By June 15, 2015Bikes, Featured

Burley bike trailersGolf or Groceries? How about both!

– The Burley Travoy Urban Bike Trailer makes it easy to commute with all the necessities. This innovative carry-all is so much more than just a bike trailer… It makes for a safe way to transport Burley trailersanything from a week’s worth of groceries to a change of clothes for the office, or up to 60 pounds of cargo.

It’s not uncommon here in Steamboat to see child trailers repurposed as grocery-getters or cargo haulers once the kids have outgrown them. And while those trailers do work reasonably well for transporting everything from kids to breakfast fixings, you’re not going to negotiate something that bulky through the local grocery store. The new Burley Travoy is the perfect solution. It detaches from your bike in seconds and can be configured with a variety of accessories to fit your specific needs. Because it is so compact, it can be used as walking cart while shopping and is super easy to take indoors when you reach your destination. Ski Haus Employee (and avid golfer), Doug Steadman sees additional potential for the Travoy… He uses this trailer to get his clubs to the Golf Course and then uses it a push cart when walking the course. “With the growing popularity of Golf Bikes, it’s entirely likely that Golf Courses will start to allow you to pedal the course on Fat Bikes with trailers like the Travoy in the near future”, says Doug.

The applications for the Burley Travoy are limited only by your imagination (and the generous 60-pound weight limit). If you’re looking for a way to improve your commute, we have what you need. See you at the ‘Haus!

Burley Travoy Urban Trailer ($249)
Burley Travoy trailer

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