Blundstone Boots Reaches 150 Years In Business – That’s BIG!

Oct 2, 2020 | Mens Footwear, Womens Footwear

Ski Haus Has The Perfect Blundstone For You…

Yes. That wasn’t a typo. Blundstone Boots have hit their 150 year mark! The classic footwear company originating in Tasmania have been around for 150 years making boots for every type of customer out there. From factory workers, the Australian military, Everest expeditioners, surfers, skiers, and even scientists, Blundstone Boots will not disappoint.

We carry many styles of Blundstone Boots in women’s, men’s, and even unisex sizing. But which one is the right boot for you? The Ski Haus lineup this year ranges from 3 & 4 season boots to more fashionable boots to wear out to dinner. When our customers come in we ask them questions based on the 3 F’s: Function, Feature, and Fit. Our goal is to get you in a Blundstone Boot that has all the features you need, functions with your specific activity in the boot, as well as the fit.


Ski Haus Lineup


The #1960 W’s Heeled Series

W’s Heeled Boot

FUNCTION: Look good wearing these to dinner in downtown Steamboat Springs or stay comfortable during a long day of traveling. The #1960 Heeled boot is made for comfort with style.

FIT: Tighter around the ankle so some customers size up.

FEATURE: Leather lined for added comfort, water resistant, and a sturdy heel with added height to take you from day to night.


The Chelsea Boot – Rustic Brown *BEST SELLER*

FUNCTION: A Ski Haus Best Seller. Wear these as a before and after skiing boot, traveling, ramen eating, or beer drinking boot. Resole these boots from time to time and you could keep them for 30 years or longer.

FIT: Higher volume shoe, comes with extra set of footbeds to decrease volume. Leather will stretch just a tad through the front toe box.

FEATURE: Leather lined for added comfort and warmth, very water resistant, comes with extra footbed, and elastic side for slipping on and off.


The Chelsea Boot #550 – Walnut Brown

FUNCTION: A darker sleeker look for nicer occasions, business meetings, and fancier dinners.

FIT: Higher volume boot but elastics on the side helps slip this boot on. Pull tabs are also a great feature for sliding the Chelsea boot on before breaking in.

FEATURE: Has extreme impact protection to help direct impact to the heal every step of the way. Rugged sole if you decide you just want to go hike for happy hour. Did I say comfortable?


The Limited Edition Boot- The 150 Boot

FUNCTION: A limited edition boot made for those cool summer nights and cold winter days. Auburn premium leather is incredibly water resistant and durable.

FIT: Leather will stretch slightly but overall fit is great!

FEATURE: Sole is more rugged, limited edition auburn color, and pull tabs are a limited edition gold huge with a 150 stitch. The engraved 150 towards the heel adds a limited edition touch to this boot.

Caring for your Blundstone Boot

Feedback from our customers is very important to our staff here at Ski Haus. We recently heard from a customer that their Blundstone’s have lasted them over 30 years, he just had to get them resoled 2 or 3 times. But this man also took care of the leather on his boot. Here’s how to love and care for your favorite leather footwear:

  • Remove all dirt and grime from the outside of the shoe. Use a small brush and even a small amount of dawn dish detergent mixed with water to wipe off hard caked dirt. Once you have done this, make sure to let boots sit to dry. Do not let your boots sit in the sun. This will end up cracking your leather or even worse, shrinking your boots.
  • Apply leather conditioner to the boot. Nikwax is a Ski Haus favorite. Massaging this conditioner into the leather will help revitalize and clean the boot.
  • Once conditioning the boot, add a Nikwax wax for re-waterproofing the leather. You can get it here at Ski Haus!

A fancy tip for leather is to try to keep wearing them. Letting your leather boots sit for a long period time is actually quite bad for the boots and will make the leather crack over. If you have to store them, make sure they are clean and stored in a cool, dry place.



Whether you’re traveling from hostel to hostel in Europe, skiing in Japan, or just dancing in the desert blasting tunes out your car window, Blundstone’s are here for you, for every adventure and activity known to date. Come on down to Ski Haus and grab a pair!