Blended Seasons: Bikes to Skis to Bikes

Blended Seasons: Bikes to Skis to Bikes

By June 14, 2016 Bikes, Featured

skiing little agnes in the Zirkel WildernessMountain biking to backcountry skiing all in a day

alpine touring in the summer– For some Steamboat residents the transition from winter to summer can be a blurry line. And while most of us switched gears into warm weather mode weeks ago, there are those that are having a hard time letting go. A few days ago, Ski Haus staffers AJ Schrenk and Charlie Banta blended seasons by accessing some late spring skiing… by bike!

With Little Agnes as their destination, AJ and Charlie got an early morning start from Seedhouse Camp Ground North of Steamboat Springs with their skis strategically mounted to their Rocky Mountain Blizzard Fat Bikes. Making their way up Seedhouse road to Lost Dog to English Creek road they were able to ride nearly 6 miles before having to abandon their bikes in favor of skis. Outfitted with the latest in Alpine Touring equipment, the boys skinned most of the way to the top of the ridge, with only brief interruptions in the snowpack where they had to step out of their bindings. Once they reached the ridge it was an easy tour over to Little Agnes followed by some boot-packing to reach the summit. Lunchables and PBR’s (in responsible quantities) replaced the expended calories and then it was time for the descent. Corn snow conditions made for a rewarding ski down. Making good use of the available snow, AJ and Charlie managed to traverse and side-hill most of the way back to the bikes, hopping from snow patch to snow patch at the end. With their skis mounted back on their bikes they pedaled towards home, leaving a multi-seasonal adventure in their wake.

At Ski Haus we cater to all seasons year-round. This time of year our main building features the best of summer with bikes of all shapes, sizes, styles, and disciplines, as well as backpacking, climbing, hiking, and camping gear. On the other side of the street you’ll find the Ski AT skiingHaus Attic (located above Ski Haus Liquors) offering closeout deals on a huge selection of winter gear. Whatever your season, whatever your destination, Ski Haus is on the way to where you’re going!

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skiing Little Agens in the Zirkel

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