Black Diamond Viper -

Black Diamond Viper

By November 14, 2012Featured, Rock Climbing

BD Viper Ice ToolsThe Right (Ice) Tool for the Job

– Why does anyone get into technical ice climbing? It’s sure not for repeated cases of the screaming barfies after each climb; although, for many it is an excuse to play with the awesome technical equipment!

There is little more satisfying than swinging an ice tool into virgin ice and getting bomber perches. The Black Diamond Vipers will give any winter climber just that. This tool gives one the ability to enjoy all types of winter climbing from alpine and water ice to the most technical and demanding mixed climbs. The BD Viper does it all. The hydroformed shaft reduces its weight without skimping on strength and durability. The economical trigger placements allows for a comfortable handle, and the ability to easily walk ones hands up the shaft as you ascend your next climb.

Also, don’t forget to pick up a Spinner Leash with your new tools. In this revolutionary age of leashless climbing, it is still a good idea to have a connection point between you and your tools, not only does it protect your partner, it could be the difference between sending Bridalveil Falls or having to bail after dropping a tool on the 2nd pitch. So come in into Ski Haus and check out all of this winters climbing equipment.

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