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Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet

By November 19, 2012Featured, Rock Climbing

BD Half Dome HelmetHalf Dome Keeps You Climbing!

– Head injuries are no joke. As a former lacrosse, hockey, and football player I can tell you a concussion is nothing to mess with. As important as helmets are in team sports, and they are increasingly prevalent on the ski hill, it is no joke keeping your melon protected during any outdoor endeavor. This is especially true for rock, ice, and alpine climbing!

Smacking your skull against a rock face after taking a nasty whipper not only hurts tremendously, it puts you and your climbing partner at risk. The easy answer is to protect yourself with the Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet. This brain bucket is essential for any climber whether you are top-roping at the local crags or on a month long alpine climbing expedition. Protecting your cranium is essential.

The BD Half Dome is available in sizes Small/Medium and Medium/Large.  The adjustable toggle in back fine tunes the fit and makes the Half Dome a comfortable helmet to wear anytime. This adjustment also lets you open the fit for wearing a skullcap or knit hat underneath it for winter ice climbing. This helmet will fit just about any noggin.

Never fear night climbing, the BD Half Dome comes with headlamp clips to help keep any head-torch attached. Considered the most durable helmet made by Black Diamond it proves to be an asset to any climbers gear stash. So come on into Ski Haus and grab your Black Diamond Half Dome and keep your head happy!

The Specs:
Hybrid design with molded EPS foam, generous ventilation and highly adjustable suspension system
Suspension’s custom wheel adjuster allows for improved fine-tuning of fit
Headlamp clips are the most secure headlamp attachments on the market
Available in 2 sizes
The most durable helmet Black Diamond makes

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