Black Diamond Express Ice Screws -

Black Diamond Express Ice Screws

Clkimbing with Black Diamond Express Ice ScrewsBlack Diamond Express Screws Love Ice!

– I love to climb all year round. Summer rock. Winter ice. Or better yet – rock and ice on the same day…

BD Ice ScrewsI love the thought of sending a 800 foot frozen waterfall on a cold winter day.  One of the best things about climbing ice is using Black Diamond Express Screws to protect the route. Confidence is a great thing and the BD Express Screws can provide plenty of that because they are always easy to place. You don’t want to waste time endlessly struggling to drive home an uncooperative ice screw. This is a massive waste of energy.

The low profile Express Nob adds performance and convenience without adding excessive weight. The BD Express Ice Screws come in a range of sizes from the 10 cm, 13 cm, 16 cm, 19 cm and 22 cm lengths. With a nice collection of sizes you can protect yourself on any type of ice. This screw has the sharpest teeth that bite into the ice like no other and its razor sharp threads make for easy and fast placement.

If you have any aspirations for winter ice climbing, make sure you have plenty of  BD’s Express Screws on your rack. From winter 14ers to the most vertical and technical ice in the Rockies this screw is a must have!

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