Bike Packing the Ski Haus Way Far Above Steamboat Springs

Bike Packing the Ski Haus Way Far Above Steamboat Springs

By July 13, 2019July 14th, 2019Bikes, Featured, Top 25
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Hate walking but love camping? Try Bike Packing...

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Over the last few summers more and more people are getting out and bike packing. Camping with their bikes. Like all adventures, there is a range of options from the Tour Divide Bike Race to a simple overnight trip. For me, it is about getting out and enjoying the freedom of a bicycle while exploring the beautiful world around us.

Gear Up or Use What You Have

Similar to other sports, bike-packing can have a lot of specialized gear (that of course Ski Haus stocks). You can also have a lot of fun with gear you already own. A sleeping bag, sleeping pad, some snacks, and your bike will get you started. You can get out and enjoy a ride with your friends, or enjoy the serenity that comes with the solitude of you and your gear.
Bike Packing may seem intimidating at first glance but anyone with some camping gear and a bike can get out and ramble. You can carry your gear on your back, but putting the weight on the bike makes for a pleasant and easier riding experience.

Suggested Gear

To get started, I would recommend a large seat bag and a handlebar roll. I invested in the Outpost HB Roll & Dry Bag ($125) and Outpost Seat Pack & Dry Bag ($100) from Blackburn Design. The set together has allowed me to go on multiple overnights with ease.

The Blackburn gear is affordable and rugged. I carry my sleeping kit that consists of a Big Agnes Anvil Horn Down Bag, Big Agnes Insulated Ultra Core Pad, and my old trusty Moonstone bivy sack in the handlebar roll. I use the seat pack for extra clothes and food. With this simple kit, I can explore the backroads and single track of Routt County at my own leisurely pace.

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