Bike Packing Microadventure Far Above Steamboat Springs, CO. -

Bike Packing Microadventure Far Above Steamboat Springs, CO.

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bikepacking campsite above Steamboat Springs Colorado

Quick, Easy, And Wonderful MicroAdventures

Matt's mountain bike all rigged for bikepackingMatthew's bike all loaded and packed for a bikpacking ad venture

Inspired by the Tour Divide but unable to take the requisite month or two off to complete the massive Canada to Mexico ride?  Got twelve hours to spare?

A microadventure might be just the mid-week ticket to scratch your bike packing urge. That was my thought process at least when faced with a commitment-free weeknight recently.

Easy Access to the Backcountry

Bike packing offers relatively easy access to the backcountry since the bicycle frame carrys much of the load. I was able to throw in a few luxuries in the dedicated frame bags. I included a pillow, extra down jacket and a post dinner dessert and still find myself in a peaceful camp spot within an hour or so of easy pedaling post-work.

Spring Creek Trail and Dry Lake Campground

As of this writing, the easiest and quickest pedaling was up Spring Creek Trail and past the USFS Dry Lake Campground. The trail up was nice and tacky with no mud. Out of the corner of my eye I say about 25 directional bikers descending this new section of trail. It is nice to have uphill and downhill riders separated.

After a peaceful evening campout under the stars, a brew-up in the morning and quick rip down the new Spring Creek directional trail saw me back at work with time to spare. Do be aware that after practically being bug free the entire month of June, the mosquitos are out. Include your preferred bug juice in your packing.

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Editors Note: Ski Haus stocks everything you need to create your own bike packing microadventure or multi-week epic adventure. From the bikes themselves, to bike packing packs, to essential multi-tools, lightweight tents and bags… Ski Haus has the gear and clothing to make your bike packing trip extra special.

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