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By August 11, 2015 Bikes, Featured

Park ToolsThe Right Tool for the Job

– Park Tool offers an extensive selection of bicycle tools for everyone from professional mechanics to enthusiasts. We say it around here a lot: Having the right tool for the job can make all the Park Bicycle Toolsdifference. This is rarely lost on cyclists from any genre. Be it mountain or road, townie or simply mom and dad trying to keep the little one’s bike rolling; bikes are machines that need adjustment from time to time. At Ski Haus, we have an exceptional bike service department that will gladly take care of everything from changing a tube to performing a major overhaul. However, we can also appreciate those do-it-yourselfers who enjoy wrenching on their own bikes. For that reason, we stock a healthy selection of the most commonly used tools for bicycle maintenance and repair.

Park Tool, based out of St. Paul Minnesota, makes some of the highest-quality bike-specific tools out there. In fact, you’ll likely recognize their signature blue-handled tools from our repair shop and other professional service shops around the country. Park Tool has been an innovator in bike maintenance and repair since the early 1960’s. As bikes have become more complex, the tools necessary to work on them have had to evolve as well. Park Tool understands this better than anyone else. Today’s bikes feature everything from carbon fiber frames and components to electronic shifting mechanisms and long-travel suspension systems. With these advancements, specialized tools and knowledge are required to properly install, maintain, and repair today’s bicycles.

Whether you’re looking for the right tool to install a new chain, extract a tired bottom bracket, or simply hold your bike off the ground so you can change a flat, Ski Haus has what you need. If your bike needs specialized care, we can order any tool you require or offer the services of the best mechanics in town!

The summer in Steamboat has been great so far and there’s plenty of riding left… Get to the ‘Haus and we’ll make sure you’re rollin’ happy!

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