The Benefits of Steamboat Springs -

The Benefits of Steamboat Springs

By January 27, 2014February 2nd, 2016Featured, Ice Climbing


– Living in Steamboat Springs has many benefits. World class snow, majestic hot springs, and over 300 days of sun to name just a few. One of my favorite perks to living in the Yampa Valley is the access to endless recreational opportunities.

I try to take full advantage of this every cPowder skiing in Steamboathance I get. My most recent weekend was no different. One day I was blessed to ski fresh powder from 9 am till 4 pm as the snow never quit dumping. Skier tracks just kept filling in with the fresh falling snow and it never really became skied out like on a more typical powder day. Day two of my weekend is one of my favorite  types of days – the multi-sport day.

Like many of my free days it started before dawn with one of Steamboat’s many great breakfast joints (yes, breakfast can be considered a sport). Next I met up with my climbing amigos, Dalton and Kevin, to go slay some steep ice right in our own backyard, the Routt National Forest. This wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for an endurance trail breaking session with snowshoes to the base of the falls (the previous day’s great powder on the ski hill made our approach to this ice climb very difficult… ah, the price we pay…).

After a great climbing session and a quality burrito I was fueled for an afternoon of powder hounding. Seeking out untouched powder stashes remaining from the earlier powder dump proved to be fun and challenging. After catching the last gondola car up the mountain with my buddy, John, I was left utterly exhausted. After 2 beers and delicious pizza for dinner I absolutely crashed. That night’s slumber was well deserved and appreciated. To me nothing could be better than deep powder skiing with good friends, tranquil snowy hikes, and radical ice climbs.

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