Backcountry Skiing With Fritschi Vipec BInding And Voile V6 BC Ski

Backcountry Skiing With Fritschi Vipec BInding And Voile V6 BC Ski

By January 23, 2019February 8th, 2019Alpine & Telemark, Featured

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No Crowds And Earning Your Turns In The Steamboat Backcountry

– With the crowds gathering at the resort for the holiday weekend, the slopes quickly became tracked out and crowded. Being a local in a ski town provides me with the knowledge to find fresh snow to ski dats after a storm – even if the resort has been busy. My plan was to utilize the lifts to get up high and then ski tour out of the back country gates to find fresh turns.

My ski of choice was the Voile V6 BC which is equipped with fish scales on a portion of the base. The scales provide kick so you can tour without skins or the use of kick wax.

The binding mounted to the ski is the Fritschi Vipec. Using a ski with fish scales eliminates the need for skins and significantly cuts down on time spent switching equipment to and from ski mode. The Vipec binding is easy to use and can be switched in and out of tour mode using a ski pole so there is no need to take your boot out of the ski.

So with this setup I was able switch from ski mode into touring mode in seconds, which gave me more time to ski! The one drawback of fish scales if you are used to skins is it is easy to exceed the grip of the scales. This For this reason, my approaches had to be low angle and with a few more switchbacks but certainly not a deal breaker.

Come on into Ski Haus and rent the Voile V6 BC and experience what I’m talking about. Before going into the backcountry make sure you are familiar with the area and have proper avalanche gear and knowledge. If you don’t know, don’t go!

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