Autumn or Fall - Call It What You Will - It's Our Favorite Time Of The Year

Autumn or Fall – Call It What You Will – It’s Our Favorite Time Of The Year

By September 21, 2019September 25th, 2019Featured, Top 25
fall colors in the colorado mountains

Everyone seems to agree Autumn is their favorite season of the year. Or at least it is the one season that everyone can find something they love about it. For myself, Autumn never arrives soon enough and it leaves way too quick. It is a glorious time of year.

With Fall, there can be some very warm days. Summer lovers are happy for that. Winter lovers know that with Fall’s arrival the fourth season is not far behind. Those who love Spring can still revel in the bright gold and shades of red that brilliantly color our ridges and mountains. And of course, those who love Fall for everything that it holds – we just can’t get enough.

low clouds hanging in a valleyMornings begin with thick frost covering open ground. The crunch underfoot of brittle grass recently cut for hay is loud. There is no hope of walking quietly through this meadow…

As sunlight touches the ridges the long shadows and new angle of light makes it feel like a brand new world. The tilt of the earth brings new perspective and contrast not seen for an entire year. At high noon shadows are long and getting longer…

Afternoon rain showers bring the lowering of clouds. They come in slow and heavy with their burden of moisture. The wind whips the aspen trees and their leaves mix with rain and become airborne together.

Gold aspen leaves in the Flat Tops WildernessLater, the cold sneaks into the house and it is time to stoke the woodburner, heat up some hot soup or standup chili. Button up a favorite flannel shirt and keep an eye out the window ’cause if that rain becomes quiet… snow will be falling.

The firewood is all stacked. Hay is in the barn. Last big hikes and long bike rides are counted down with lucky chicken scratches on the calendar. Was today’s hike or ride the last of the season? Will snow cover the trails tomorrow? If so we’ll be ready with skis and snowshoes.

frost on fall leavesUntil then, we’ll take advantage of each Autumn day as it comes and love the gold leaves brilliantly contrasted against a cloudless blue sky. We’ll not complain about how early it becomes dark ’cause that only means we’ll see the stars all the sooner.

Autumn is the shortest season of them all. Enjoy each day as it comes…

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