Atlas 1225 (men) 1223 (ladies) -

Atlas 1225 (men) 1223 (ladies)

By March 2, 2012Gear, Snowshoes

This may very well be the best snowshoe made. My personal experience with this snowshoe is it works great no matter what day I take them out or how deep the snow is. What makes it so good?

Bindings are what really seperates one snowshoe from another and the Atlas 1225 binding is really good. Once you set the straps around your boot there is no slipping or fussing. Left and right bindings, ramped foot plate for easy boot location, snythetic straps for no icing and great boot retention, one pull over the top closure and opening.

Off the back is a very effective climbing bar for ascending steep hills. Simply pull it up and the heel of your boot presses the talons underneath for increased traction. The climbing bar also relieves stress to your calf and achilies tendon making for an easier climb.

Last thing is the tubing. Atlas has hydroformed the tubes around the tip and the length of the snowshoe to increase its strength. Everything about this snowshoe is durable and effective.

Mens sizing: 1225 & 1230
Ladies sizing: 1223 & 1227

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