Armada TST -

Armada TST

The Armada TST, new for this year, is arguable the greatest one ski quiver on the market. For years people have been looking for one ski to do it all. For those lucky enough to own multiple pairs of skis they face the daily dilemma of ‘what to ski today,’ when you have one ski that’s an easy question to answer.

Armada came up with a fantastic solution with the one ski to do it all. Developed in conjunction with their engineers and pro riders the TST is new for the 2011-12 season and has made a splash. The TST top sheet is a little extreme as many of the Armadas are with what appears to be a sage older Native American staring back at you evaluating your every turn.

The 174 cm TST has a tip of 118mm that continues to widen to 131mm with a waist of 101mm and the tail is 122mm wide. The set back shovel enables the ski to push lots of snow around while maintaining as short turning radius of only 14.7 meters according to Armada. The rockered tip allows the ski to plane beautifully in powder but still does a great job of holding an edge on the groomers.

The TST does not have rocker in the tail enabling the ski to provide a more solid ride that allows the user to end turns cleaner. Another advantage of the TST is it is really light allowing for a lower swing weight and thus a ski that turns faster. The TST returns next year but you better act early they are only getting more popular.

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