ArcTeryx Joffre Short Sleeved Shirt and Perimeter Shorts

ArcTeryx Joffre Short Sleeved Shirt and Perimeter Shorts

By July 12, 2017 September 27th, 2017 Featured, Men's Clothing

ArcTeryx short sleeved shirts and shorts

ArcTeryx For When You Want To Look Your Best

The ArcTeryx Joffre Shirt and Perimeter Shorts are ideal for when you want to be yourself but at the same time show up looking like you thought about being presentable. Think Mom and in-laws… I love it when I walk in the door looking my best and my Mom asks, “Who are you and what did you do with my son?”

You can count on ArcTeryx to design a shirt with a very minimalist  look. Clean lines, hidden pockets, conservative collar (the width of the collar is perfect – not big), and classic color. The Joffre is a cotton blend fabric (81% cotton/19% modal rayon) so those of us who wash at whatever temperature the last load was and dry clothes hot – be careful. Toss this shirt in the dryer at low heat and maybe even pull it out of the dryer before the time is up to reduce wrinkling. A quick hit with an medium temperature iron may be necessary.

With proper care, you can count on extra kudos and a second slice of pie when you wear this shirt.

The ArcTeryx Perimeter Short in black is about as dressed up as a “mountain guy working on his hermit skills” can get. The mid-weight stretch nylon fabric is about as maintenance free as person can expect. Wash ’em in the creek or alpine lake with a quick swim, sun dry, and you’re good to go. Quick drying is key and the nylon is burly enough to handle granite at the crags or a fussy straight back chair at a dinner with tablecloths. Now that is a versatile shot not to mention acceptable.

ArcTeryx is on the higher end price wise but it is worth it considering design, materials, and longevity.

ArcTeryx Joffre Shirt $99.00 (color crest)
ArcTeryx Perimeter Short $75.00 (black)

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