Another Ski Season, More Fun Skis -

Another Ski Season, More Fun Skis

Another Ski Season, More Fun Skis.

As another ski season gets under way, the age old question starts meandering further and further to the front of our minds: what new skis do I want this year? The good news is that there are a plethora of fun skis out there, the bad news is that it’s hard to decide but who cares – skiing is just fun!

From Salomon to Rossignol, to the growing number of boutique brands, such as Icelantic and Fat-ypus, there are a lot of options on the market today. As skis have gotten fatter they have got more fun, different companies are telling their own stories; mixing camber, rocker and side cut to create different experiences for different skiers. As rocker has grown in popularity the ski industry has once again found a new technology that makes sliding on snow easier and more fun.

We are seeing increasing innovation in ski technology such as Nordica adding high rise in the form of their Hammerhead Technology that maintains the fattest part of the ski in the tip allowing for a longer edge while the ski is turning on hard pack while at the same time offering a fat ski for floating in deep snow. Nordica has unveiled the Patron, with its modern approach to Mexican art that Diego Rivera would happily shred, and the Unleashed Hell with its light weight honey comb core and toned down top-sheet; both featuring Nordica’s newest in technology.

Another interesting example lies with Salomon’s new BBR, a ski that premiered as tester skis last year and has now been put into retail circulation with a mild blue wood mixed top-sheet. The skis design borrows heavily from surfboard shaping crossing over into the ski world. With a very wide pointed shove up front, a large amount of side cut that is not at its narrowest point underfoot but instead slightly behind allowing for a totally new skiing experience. It’s going to be a great winter, get out and demo some new skis, and go have some fun!

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