Annual Swix Alpine Wax Clinic -

Annual Swix Alpine Wax Clinic

Ski Haus Steamboat hosted our annual Swix Alpine Wax Clinic last night. Mike Wagner, Director of Alpine Race Services, gave a great presentation and everyone learned a ton. Ski Haus has been hosting these waxing/tuning clinics for over 20+ years and everyone continues to learn something new with each clinic.

Here are a couple highlights from this year’s clinic.
A great basic wax selection for racing will include:
– CH4, LF6, LF7, HF8, and HF8BW. This will cover every temperature and snow condition you encounter this winter.

– The new Swix Marathon Wax is going to become a solid go-to wax. The temperature range is 14° to 68° F. That’s massive! How can you miss? This wax was used extensively in both Alpine and Nordic events at the Vancouver Winter Olympics because of its durability, wide temperature range, and great ability to repel dirt and moisture.

– For those just starting their waxing careers don’t forget to brush out your bases after you have waxed and scraped the skis. Brushing is the final step. A single great all around brush to have in your kit is the White Nylon brush. As you add brushes a Bronze or Steel metal brush is essential, followed by Horsehair and Blue Nylon.

– Polyethylene (ski base material) melts around 280°. When you are working with colder/harder waxes… keep your wax iron moving!

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