Books: An Open Page to Possibility -

Books: An Open Page to Possibility

By November 29, 2013May 11th, 2016Featured, Staff Picks

Books at Ski Haus

– When you think of Ski Haus you may not think books. We’ve been selling books for over 30 years. Ski Haus stocks the standard guidebooks for our area and many destinations in our neighboring western states. We have field guides to identifying wildflowers, animal tracks, edible plants, the constellations and more. With the books we stock you could learn how to apply first aid, stay out of avalanches, tune a ski, how to bake muffins at high altitude, and how to stay warm in a snow cave… Ski Haus even has a kid’s section.

My favorite section is our Fiction and Non Fiction selection. Nothing ends a wonderful day like reading a book that draws you into other worlds and times. I love ending a summer day on the front porch reading as the sun goes down and the long shadows of the day creep up my side of the valley. In the winter, after a long day filled with skiing and shoveling and plowing, nothing is more satisfying than sitting by the woodburner, listening to a winter storm press against the logs, and have a wonderful book in hand… Ski Haus stocks authors like Wallace Stegnar, Ivan Doig, Edward Abbey, Jon Krakauer, Pam Houston, Craig Childs, John McPhee and scores more.

I’m not a fan of e-readers. Certainly, that is just me. I get plenty of face time with a computer screen at work. I prefer a book in hand, being able to smell the paper, examine the typeface, and feel the turn of the page even with the fine ridges of fingerprints.

Anyway, this post is to just let you know Ski Haus has books. This time of year they make great gifts. Anytime of year a book is a wonderful way to spend your time. What’s not to love about a book and great story?


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