Altra Zero Drop, Foot Shape, Running and Hiking Shoes at Ski Haus

Altra Zero Drop, Foot Shape, Running and Hiking Shoes at Ski Haus

altra running shoes at ski haus

Altra – Fit 4 Her – Zero Drop – Foot Shape Design

Altra Superior
Altra running shoes at ski haus
tread pattern of altra running shoes
Altra tread pattern of Altra running shoes

The Altra Superior 3.5 running shoes for women and men are some of the most unique looking and unique feeling running shoes you’ll ever see or use.

The early resistance to even trying the shoes on is immediately lost when the realization of complete comfort registers in the user’s mind. The forefoot of the Altra shoes is what visually jumps out at you. The forefoot is curved and wide and it really does look like everyone’s foot shape. This foot-shape design makes for a healthy foot, more comfort allowing your forefoot and toes to spread out naturally, increasing balance and enhancing running efficiency.

The Altra Superior 3.5 is one of the the least cushioned running shoes in Altra’s product line. Altra describes their shoes as having either light, moderate, or high cushioning. This is certainly a matter of personal choice. If you have more foot issues or pain go with higher cushioning. If you have strong feet and deal with some joint pain then a light cushioned shoe will be best.

Zero Drop refers to the platform of the shoe. Traditional running shoes have a design that ramps the foot from the high side of the heel to a low side to the forefoot. Altra shoes are Zero Drop from heel to toe – the platform for your feet is level. This can take just a little getting use to but the benefits are great.

With a Zero Drop shoe you can expect your Achilles and lower calf muscles to become stronger. You will feel a stronger push off as you run or walk. It is best if you transition slowly to your new Altra shoes. Begin with easier or shorter workouts or the amount of time you spend in your Altra shoes. From week one to week two increase your mileage. Week three you should be back to your normal running or hiking routine.

Back to the Altra Superior 3.5… I always give a new shoe that I’m trying on a twist from heel to toe. This gives me a good idea of how strong the shoe is and what kind of support I can expect. The Superior 3.5 is nice. It’s not too soft and it’s not too stiff. You can feel support from the heel counter and that is where you get protection from twisting your ankle on a run and uneven terrain.

Ski Haus gives the Altra Superior 3.5 for men and women a double high-five of approval. Even if you think the look is something you’d never wear you should try them on because the benefits you’ll feel as you wear them far outweigh an different looking pair of shoes.

The Details:
FOOTSHAPE™ TOE BOX – Altra’s FootShape™ Toe Box toe box allows the toes to relax and spread out naturally and the big toe to remain in a straight position for maximum stability and power.

FIT4HER™ (women’s specific last)

ZERO DROP™ PLATFORM – Every Altra shoe features a Zero Drop™ Platform that places the heel and forefoot the same distance from the ground for natural alignment and a low-impact landing.

DURATREAD™ – Durable outsole rubber made to last long and offer great grip on both tame and technical terrain.

STONEGUARD™ – Sandwiched between the A-Bound and EVA midsole, the StoneGuard offers flexible protection from rugged terrain by deflecting rocks into the midsole for a smooth, stable ride.

TRAILCLAW™ – Canted lugs positioned strategically beneath the metatarsals to provide traction at toe off.

Altra Superior 3.5 $110.00
Mens – black/red
Womens – gray/purple

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