Altra Lone Peak: The Shoe Taking Over the Pacific Crest Trail

Altra Lone Peak: The Shoe Taking Over The Pacific Crest Trail

Altra Lone Peak 4.0

“What are these Altra Lone Peak shoes that I keep hearing all about? Zero Drop.. Huh?  What’s that?  Why would I want trail running shoes if I’m not even a runner?”  These are some of the first questions asked to our sales staff here at Ski Haus when customers come in looking for that perfect shoe to get them out on the trail this spring.

Here at Ski Haus, we have many different selections when it comes to hiking boots. Such as Keen, Merrell, Solomon, Salewa, Oboz and Scarpa, but we also offer an option for those hikers who are looking for something a little lighter and less bulky than your typical hiking boot.  A shoe for the “Ultra-light” hiker, you might say. And that my friends, are trail running shoes. Trail running shoes borrow their look heavily from a sneaker but they are influenced by a boot.  The soles are usually made of Vibram or a similar grippy, durable rubber material which is constructed for offroad use.

Personal Experience

My personal favorite, the Altra Lone Peak 4.0.  I fell in love with this little number on my most recent adventure thru hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.  I’ve tried just about every style of hiking boot you could imagine up to this point. I personally don’t have weak ankles, so I’ve always felt that the high to mid top boots were a bit overkill.  Also, it has been extremely difficult for me to find a shoe that can accommodate my obnoxiously wide feet.  Especially when they start to swell a couple of hours into the adventure. 

The first time I put this shoe on, it was a game changer!  I felt that I had figured something out. This glorious secret that others had to know!  I began to actually pay attention to other people’s shoes on trail, only to find out that 75% of the people I met out there for the next 2,500 miles were already wearing Altra Lone Peaks.  I was sold!


Altra’s Footshape™ and wide toe box allows the toes to relax and spread out naturally and the big toe to remain in a straight position for maximum stability and power.  The zero drop that Altra is famous for is simply a platform that positions the heel and forefoot an equal distance from the ground.  This natural foundation really helps in optimal alignment, cultivates better form, and encourages a low impact landing.

I loved this shoe so much, I went through five pairs of them over my 2,650+ mile journey in 153 days.  That’s roughly 500-600 miles per pair before they needed to be replaced!  This shoe “technically” is a trail running shoe, not a hiking shoe, but I have personally put this shoe to the test and I tell ya, it’s going to be a while before I’ll consider getting a different shoe for the trail.

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