Alpine Start and Know Brainer Creamer to Jump Start Your Day

By January 28, 2017Featured, Top 25

instant coffee

Alpine Start Instant Coffee

Coffee. Cf on the Periodic Table of Elements if you didn’t already know this. It has a half life of about 2 to 4 minutes depending on the type of vessel you’ve contained this hot liquid in. Its half life can be extended with a refill… or three. This is invaluable information especially if you are up before dawn, up before first light, and you’re preparing for a crack-of-dawn ski session before work, or an early morning fat bike ride, or any other activity that you’re trying to get a jump start on… Coffee is the right fuel at the right time.

But heck, timing is everything and sometimes you don’t have the time to make your favorite home brew, grind your favorite coffee beans, measure, boil, steep, or press your coffee into life. Sometimes you gotta hit the day running and that calls for INSTANT gratification or (miracles of miracles) – instant coffee!

A few months ago Ski Haus found a new company, Alpine Start, that produces some of the best instant coffee you’ll ever drink. Premium Italian Instant Coffee that is. A box of eight packets is $8.50. Simply pour in one packet into your cup, pour in just enough cold water to dissolve the grind, add 8 to 10 fl. oz. of hot water, stir and enjoy. Kick starting the day just became simple and cleaning up your coffee prep is too easy. Dispose of your coffee and the tiny packaging appropriately.

Ski Haus also just added Know Brainer Creamer for those who like to soften your morning jolt. More on this company later but just know those of you who can’t coffee up without cream this is the simple way and tasty way to enjoy cream when your refrigerator is miles away and your a long way from home…

Both Alpine Start and Know Brainer are Colorado companies and that makes us love these guys even more!

Two thumbs (or mugs of coffee) up from the Ski Haus Staff.

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