Alpina Alaska NNN Cross Country Boots -

Alpina Alaska NNN Cross Country Boots


–  A lot goes into making your cross country boot selection. The main thing to consider is control and power and how much you need or want. With XC touring skis getting wider with more sidecut a boot that offers power to control and turn those wider skis is a priority. If you are going out to primarily kick and glide and explore you can choose a boot with less “power” and more “tourability.” Or if you are like a lot of skiers you want a boot that can do it all – tour and turn. This is where the Alpina Alaska boot can be a perfect choice.

Alpina Alaska lacingThis is a nice flexing boot from the sole. It isn’t too stiff. You can easily flex and ski from the ball of your foot right from day 1. Touring is comfortable and the boot doesn’t feel bulky or clumsy. Minimal break-in is required. To the control and turning side of the boot – the sole is torsionaly strong and with the upper and easy lacing – the boot feels secure around your ankle and lower leg. I really do feel this boot is nice for both touring and turning.

The lacing is cool with this boot because a few of the lower hardware pieces have a ball bearing to help bring tension through the laces. This makes it super easy to control your lacing making it as snug (narrow feet) or loose (wider feet) as you like.

I like this boot a lot. It lets you tour with a nice kick and glide. It has a nice light feel to it with some muscle to control your skis. I really do like a boot that flexes easily at the ball of the foot (versus a boot that hinges up stiffly from the binding at the toe of the boot).

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