A Duffle Is A Duffle Unless It's A Sea To Summit Nomad

A Duffle Is A Duffle Unless It’s A Sea To Summit Nomad

sea to summit duffle

One Duffle, Three Versatile Carrying Modes

The Sea To Summit Nomad Duffle has a bit of panache that all other duffles lack. First look at Sea to Summit’s duffle and you may think “nothing new.” A closer look will have you thinking super cool and I could use one (or two). For starters the blue and orange colors pop like corn in a kettle. Those colors shout there is no mistaking my duffle for your duffle.

Second, there are the details like the widest opening top lid you’ll find on any duffle out there. A wide open lid makes everything easy to see and find. The lid won’t flop back on you blocking your vision. Innovation? Maybe not. Smart? Yes. The zipper line on the lid is constructed with double teeth. Two rows of teeth are better than one when it comes to strength and durability.

The material is super tough waterproof tarpaulin and the base material is 1000 denier nylon. The clips on the straps are metal. Not plastic. Burly. How many decades will this duffle last? All we can say is this is hand-me-down gear. Your kids who have kids who have their own kids will be using this bag and probably for longer.

There is a 360 degree yoke stitched around the outside that all the lash points, strap attachments loops, and clip points are stitched too. Nothing is coming unstitched here unless it’s an aggro baggage handle frustrated he can’t damage this thing.

What else? Oh yeah, the straps adjust three different ways for the optimum carry. Shoulder strap style like a backpack? Check. Single strap over-the-shoulder style? Check. Classic carry by its handles luggage style? Triple Check. (Check out the magnets inside the straps for an easy no-fuss grip in handle mode). Plus, very convenient multiple lash points that you allow to strap your duffle down onto pack horses, donkeys, burros, bouncing pickup trucks, the International Space Station, or anything else that moves around the globe.

This is the kind of gear Ski Haus loves. Buy it once with the thought that you won’t have to buy another because the first one either wore out or broke. A good value is something that is constructed with lasting materials and a quality design. You have a great value here.

Where will you go and how will you get there and what do you need to take and how will you take it with you? The Sea to Summit Nomad Duffle comes to mind.

4 Sizes:
45L $119.95
65L $139.95
90L $159.95
130L $179.95
Colors: Orange, Blue, Charcoal

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